Easter bunny and chick crochet eggs

Finally spring is here! Although i never leave my cotton yarns , spring is always my favorite season to start new projects and get my hands on those lovely pastels and bright colors.
Even if Easter is two months away here in Greece i was really excited to start my first Easter project for a new crochet pal in United States. Since I was a little girl i loved meeting people from around the world and getting to know their way of living, their customs and everyday things they love to do.
For my new dearest friend Ada from Iowa I’ve decided to crochet three little eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt.But just three plain eggs? No way! Had to be something cute and crazy … And after crocheting the first purple egg I’ve had an idea! Why not a kawaii bunny and chick egg with cute little eyes , nose, beak, ears, feathers…?bunny chick

I’ve used:

  • Kristi Tullus Easter egg pattern (aren’t those little colorful eggs so so adorable?)
  • 2mm hook
  • Drops Safran in yellow (10), light purple (53) and white (17)
  • Polyester fiberfill to stuff the little eggs
    Stitch marker (i always use a little piece of yarn), scissors and tapestry needle
  • Small amounts of black thread to embroider the eyes, purple for the bunny’s nose and orange yarn to embroider the chick’s beak and make the little head feathers.

Stitches used in US terms:
Ch – chain
Sc- single crochet
Sc inc – single crochet increase
Sc2tog – single crochet two together (single crochet decrease)
Slst – slip stitch

After finishing round 14 of the basic egg pattern embroider the eyes in row 8 leaving a 4 stitch space between them.


Bunny modification
Embroider nose using purple or pink thread between rows 9 and 10 . Finish off the egg as written in Kristi’s pattern.
Ears (make 2)
1. In magic ring make 6 sc (6)
2. *1sc, sc inc*, repeat 2 more times (9)
3-5. sc around (9)
6. *sc, sc2tog*, repeat two more times (6)
After making the second ear attach both ears on top of egg

Chick modification
Embroider chick’s beak using the orange yarn in row 10 making a V shaped beak.
Head feathers
With orange yarn:
1. ch 6
2. slst in second ch from hook and in remaining chains (5)
3. After the last slst in first ch, ch 6 sc in second ch from hook and slst in remaining chains making the last sl st in first chain.
Repeat step 3 one more time, fasten off and you will have three cute orange feathers! Secure the two loose strands of yarn with a knot and sew the feathers on top of little chick egg.

Happy egg hunt!!




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